Psychometric Tests

Increasing number of trusts is employing psychometric tests as part of consultant recruitment process.

What is the purpose of psychometric tests?

These tests (sometimes known as personality profiling) are used to assess ability, performance and behaviour of the candidate. These tests can provide an insight into assess personal qualities, such as personality, beliefs, social competence, values and interests and to measure motivation or drive.

They are used to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for the job advertised.

How is psychometric test conducted?

The test generally consists of a series of multiple choice questions. Questions focus on specific traits of the individual’s personality.

The questionnaire is subsequently assessed by a psychologist or other trained assessor. The questionnaire may also be followed by an interview with a psychologist/trained assessor to validate the results further.

How do psychometric test results impact on consultant recruitment?

The tests provide additional useful information to inform the final selection of the candidate. The test results may be used in the interview to guide specific questions.

These tests are not about passing or failing but about giving a profile of the candidate  to the employer, whose task it is to match an applicant to the job or work place.

Can you prepare for the psychometric test?

No, because there are no right or wrong answers. Further, each department look for specific personality traits in the candidates and trying to second guess the answers may be counter- productive.

Tip: Try and provide honest answers rather than perceived best answer lest you come across as inconsistent.


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