Health Priorities for Scotland

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s Health Priorities for Scotland manifesto sets out 12 key priorities that we believe should be the health goals of an incoming Scottish Government to ensure safe, patient-centred medical care of the highest quality and improved public health. These priorities focus on the three areas of patient safety, quality care and public health, and were informed by a survey of College Fellows and Members. While these priorities will initially be advocated to the Scottish Government, many of these are equally applicable to the NHS in England and will form the basis of much of our policy work during the next terms of the Scottish and UK Governments.

The key priorities include:

·   Addressing the ongoing erosion of the balance between training and service needs by protecting training time for both Trainees and their supervisors to ensure that Trainees are adequately trained and patient safety is maintained.

·   Ensuring timely patient access to consultant-delivered care through more flexible working patterns and improved workforce planning.

Other recommendations include:

·   Better access to diagnostic services and alternatives to hospital admission to improve acute care.

·    Improved continuity of care through several measures, including a modest relaxation of European Working Time Regulations.

·    A strategy to improve the quality of audit data available to consultants.

·   The introduction of minimum pricing to reduce alcohol consumption.


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